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FAC is proud to introduce a powerful addition to our brands of cigars. II Saints is a French brand which specializes in a complete men’s accessories including ashtrays, lighters, belt buckles, rings, bracelets and now Felix Assouline Cigars and II Saints bring you the cigar. II Saints is produced in our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua with Tobaccos grown from our farm in Jamastran, Honduras.

The valley in Jamastran is known for its flavorful tobaccos which feature a sweetness and strength inherent in each puff. II Saints Cigars are all box pressed like most of our brands. II Saints feature a Lijero dark wrapper marking the cigar as a unique find in the cigar world.

The Five shapes of II Saints are La Douce Nuit at 5 x 50, La Petite Mort which is a 52 x 5 Perfecto, La Nuit Blanche at 6 x 54, Les Copains D’abord at 6.5 x 56 and L’ange Noir which is a Perfecto of 56 x 6.5. These cigars are full bodied for the most courageous. If you are looking for a full bodied cigar with great flavor from start to finish, II Saints will please palate, stick after stick.

Country Nicaragua
Body Full
Wrapper Jamastran Criollo 98
Binder Jamastran
Filler Jamastran, Jalapa
Type Box Pressed


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La Douce Nuit
50 x 5

La Petite Mort
52 x 5

La Nuit Blanche
54 x 6

Copains D'abord
56 x 6 1/2

L'ange Noir
56 x 6 1/2