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EGO Cigars

Blind Man's Puff - Perfect
"I would definitely smoke more of these and would consider it box-worthy. It wasn’t strong enough to scare away anyone, but enough to make it exciting.”
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Stogie Guys - Trip
The flavors are relatively steady throughout, but there’s enough depth to the flavor that it isn’t dull. Construction is free of any flaws.
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Cigar Dojo - Perfect
There is no doubt that Felix knows his cigars as the construction on this baby was flawless. Great draw, even burn, gorgeous layered ash.
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CASAS fumando - Perfect
This was the first time that I had ever heard of Felix Assouline Cigars and was very interested in giving the cigars a try.
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Cigar Mayven - Trip
It’s pretty risky to name a cigar Ego…In the case of cigars by Felix Assouline the name is justified.
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CObsession - Maniac
First light reveals a perfect draw with full bodies creamy spicy, peppery earth holding through a long smooth finish.
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Blind Man's Puff - Shot
All three of us agreed that this was a very nice surprise and none of us have had an experience this enjoyable with such a small cigar.
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Ringo Cigars

PUFF.com - Colt
A pleasant cigar with a burn time right around one hour. Not overly complex, but has a great assortment of flavors that do evolve as you smoke. It would be an excellent summertime smoke paired with something sweet like a root beer or shandy.
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CObsession - Colt
This 6.5×38 stick features a dark chocolate red hued buttery soft satin wrapper with slight mottling, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and rich fruity musty barnyard aroma.
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The CIGARMY - Colt
The size is perfect for my preference, the press is comfortable, and the flavors very pleasant.
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Limited Reserve Something Special Cigars

CObsession - Elegant
Flavors are a creamy earth with a big black pepper bite to it, while the finish is on the short side..
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Blind Man's Puff - Majestic
This is a beautiful cigar. Everything I like to see in a smaller cigar but more of it.
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Havana Sunrise Reserve Cigars

PUFF.com - Ray
This cigar was pretty consistent in flavor from start to finish. The cigar seemed to burn pretty well for me. The smoke was a nice pleasant smell, kind of a bold smelling smoke as well.
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That it is definitely worth a smoke, if for nothing else, solely to try and get that toasted marshmallow hit at the end. :)
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Stogie Guys - Blaze
Overall, Havana Sunrise is an enjoyable cigar, with balanced flavors that are medium in strength. The finish is a bit harsh at the start, though that soon rounds out.
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Blind Man's Puff - Ray
Great cigar. I nubbed it. I really like all the flavors that the cigar delivered. My wallet will probably be a bit lighter after finding out the identity of the cigar.
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THE CIGARMY - Brilliance
I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the Havana Sunrise…. I’m hoping one of my local Tampa shops picks up the line. It’s a blend I would love to have in my regular rotation.
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