EGO Black

EGO Black Cigars by Felix Assouline


EGO Black Cigars

Aged Six years to perfection. Strong, bold and full of flavor. A delight to behold.

Ego Black is a labor of love since it is one of the first blends we created from our Tobacco farm in Jamastran Obraje Honduras. Felix wanted to create a blend totally from one farm, with no other leaves from other regions. Ego Black comes in five box-pressed sizes, from The Dark Lord, a Perfecto of 56x6.5 which comes in a box of 12 individual coffins. Ego Black is also available as The Twisted Mind, a 56x6.5 Gordo, The White Nights is a Belicoso size at 56x6, the next size is Amigo Fuerte Robusto at 50x5 and finally The Perfect Black is a Perfecto of 52x5. Ego Black is an extremely limited production and will only be available once per year.

Brand Details

Country Nicaragua
Body High Medium to Full
Wrapper Ligero Jamastran Obraje Honduras
Binder Jamastran Obraje Honduras
Filler Jamastran Obraje Honduras
Type Box Pressed

Available Sizes

Name Size Vitola
Amigo Fuerte 50 x 5 Robusto
Perfect Black 52 x 5 Perfecto
White Nights 54 x 6 Belicoso
Twisted Mind 56 x 6.5 Gordo
Dark Lord 56 x 6.5 Figurado