A Cigar cannot be strong in flavor while sacrificing taste. On the other hand, a cigar can’t be so mild as to be “boring” while you’re smoking. There needs to be a careful marriage of flavors to achieve a smoke that is consistent in strength and flavor as one enjoys the experience from start to end.

Our Brands

All of our Cigars range from Medium to Full flavor in strength and in taste.

EGO Black Cigars

Aged Six years to perfection. Strong, bold and full of flavor. A delight to behold.

EGO White Cigars

An amazing experience that will be savored long after the smoke is gone!

EGO Ocean Blue Cigars

This is the one you want after a big meal. Robust, smooth and a clean finish to round out a perfect evening.

EGO Gold Cigars

Without a delicious flavor, can strength be really the only goal?

2 Saints Platinum Cigars

When a cigar is not timid to be bold and brave!

CSB Fuerte Cigars

The CSB's just keep getting better and better! And now they're even box-pressed and ready to impress!

EGO Red Cigars

A rich, full bodied cigar that immerses your palate.

Ringo Cigars

A medium to full flavored cigar to savor.

Havana Sunrise Reserve Cigars

A creamy, medium bodied cigar full of warmth.

Something Special Limited Reserve Cigars

A delicious, medium to full bodied cigar that’s truly “Something Special.”

2 Saints Cigars

Featuring a Lijero Wrapper. Full of flavor, a powerful body and a smooth finish.

CSB Cigars

The missing link: A Cigar with a Connecticut wrapper with a kick. Rich and bold to the finish.

About Us

Felix Assouline Cigars is the first company to produce 99% of their cigars Box-Pressed.

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